Monday, March 19, 2007

RFID kit coming

I ordered an RFID receiver and 3 transmitters from and I think I'll finally get them today. They've been downstairs in the mailroom of the company below us since Thursday morning. For whatever reason, we don't get USPS delivery directly since we occupy the 2nd floor of a building. It has to go through the downstairs company and they have to sort it out for us, but the guy who sorts it has been sick for a week. I guess nobody at my company gets anything important via mail because nobody else complained about not getting mail all week.

In any case, the transmitters will be put in our cars to replace the DS10A's I've been using for vehicle tracking. This will be much more accurate and a good test run to see if I'll "need" to add more transmitters to the system.

On a side note, starCOMUltra testing has gone full speed ahead. I've shut off starCOM and switched over completely to Ultra. I've spent the past week converting over piles of scripts and ASP pages to use Ultra and it's been very stable. It's been a good exercise as it's giving me a reason to clean up and streamline a bunch of scripts. I've been making good progress but I think the RFID stuff will sidetrack me this week.

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