Sunday, December 23, 2007

Summary of New Audrey Hacks

This is just a note to myself to document the hacks I added to the Audrey:

  • Enable access to Audrey internal web server
    Edit file /config/rm-apps, change this line
    rb,/kojak/kojak-slinger, -c -e -s -i 127.1
    to look like this
    rb,/kojak/kojak-slinger, -c -e -s

  • Installed Plus pack (
    This adds some Unix commands like mv, grep, and especially fs-cifs which lets us mount windows file shares. Added these lines to the bottom of /kojak/ to mount the mp3 directory on our windows server:
    sleep 10 # wait for networking to come up
    /nto/bin/fs-cifs -a //mywindowsservername: /mp3 user password

  • Installed telnetd/inetd (
    This lets us telnet into the Audrey so we don't have to sit typing at it. Made installing all these hacks easy to do from the comfort of a real keyboard.

  • Added the ability to push WAVs by installing playsound_noph from here and added this file (/data/XML/playsound.shtml) to the Audrey web server:

    <html><head><title>WAV Push</title></head></body>
    <!--#exec cmd="playsound_noph $QUERY_STRING &" -->
    Now WAVs can be remotely pushed to the Audrey by loading this URL: http://audrey.ip.address/playsound.shtml?http://windows.server/wavs/abc.wav

  • Installed GUI MP3 Player phplay ( also relevent
    So now we can play music off our server.

  • Created my own icon for phplay and added it to the Audrey Options menu (

  • Installed the Mr. Audrey package manager (
    This is necessary to install the gui-less MP3 player (plaympegaudio_noph) to push MP3s to the Audrey since I couldn't find it anywhere except in an install package for Mr. Audrey. Just transfer this file to the Audrey, chmod +x and then execute it to install the package manager

  • Installed plaympegaudio_noph ( Same thing, transfer it to the Audrey, make it executable and run it. Created /data/XML/playmp3.shtml:
     <html><head><title>MP3 Push</title></head></body>
    <!--#exec cmd="plaympegaudio_noph $QUERY_STRING &" -->
    Similar to the WAV push, the MP3 push can be done by accessing the URL. It can be automated in a script using wget to download the URL.

  • I think that's all. I replicated the changes to 3 other Audreys by dumping an image to a CF and installing it on the other 3. Not bad for an evening's work :)

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