Friday, July 20, 2007

SlimServer Google Gadget Control Video

Sorry no audio on the video. The Google Sidebar is on the right side and I show how it can get the status for various zones in the house. Then we switch to the Guest Room zone, which is already playing and shown in the SlimServer screen in the background (to show the communication between the toolbar & SlimServer). The track is skipped using the sidebar and the changes are eventually reflected on the SlimServer screen when the browser refreshes. Then from the SlimServer screen, the track is skipped and the sidebar shows the updated status. Next, we go back to the previous track using the sidebar gadget.

Then the gadget is popped out from the toolbar and placed on the desktop. The volume is adjusted and reflected when the browser refreshes. Tracks are skipped and more volume adjustments are done before the gadget is popped back into the toolbar.

You can see the lag between controlling via the toolbar and the browser showing updated status because it has to wait for the refresh interval. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. When a button is pressed on the toolbar, an xPL message is sent out by SlimServer with the new track information. xAP Floorplan generates an XML file from the track information in the xPL message. Then the XML file is read using getxmlhttprequest in the gadget, and the status is updated almost immediately.

Right now, it just does basic control, volume and power for SlimServer and MediaNet. Below this media panel on the toolbar are various temperatures pulled from StarCOMUltra via COM. The next gadget lower is a simple lighting control and status, also pulled from StarCOMUltra.

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