Sunday, July 5, 2009

xPL Driver for j9 Automation Engine

I just churned out an xPL driver for the j9 Automation Engine. I don't use the application, but it seems like a great automation package and it's feature set is rapidly growing. Here it is.

Below is a sample script in the AE rule engine. It's triggered whenever an xPL message is received by the driver. Depending on the fields in the message, it will parse the message body and issue an xPL command in response.


  1. Hi !
    How do you use this plugin ? Just drop the dll files in the automationengine directory ?

  2. yes just put the dll (and xpllib.dll if necessary) into the AE directory.

  3. Hi, can you provide source to compile it on new version of J9

  4. sorry i can't. it's tied to my claim for a free license in the driver development incentive ( ) which i have not fulfilled yet.