Friday, July 17, 2009

xPL Plugin for SageTV released

I have released my first rev of the xPL plugin for SageTV. You can read more & download it here.


  1. Could you help me understand a little more about this plugin? What does it do? What is required? Any other screenshots?

  2. it allows control and querying of SageTV via the xPL protocol. you can control clients and extenders and query their status, what they're playing, etc. with some of the apps i've written, you can display messages on your extenders - like appointment reminders from your Google calendar or new email in your GMail account. you can set up lighting scenes based on what you're watching on Sage, have it fire up your amp when you're watching a movie, etc.

    there's not much more in terms of screenshots as it's just an interface to a network protocol. to find out more about xPL check out the xPL home and forums