Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Details on xPL HALi App

You can edit the enclosed XML file (xpl_doghouse-hali.instance0.3.0) to change the name of your xPL HALi instance. In the file, the key newconf is set to "home", but you can change that to anything you want.

To install more than one xPL app on your PC, you'll need an xPL hub. Here's one.

A good thing to have around is the xPL command line sender or the GUI xPL sender.

Another helpful app is DCM. The message logger is a great utility for debugging.

So what can you do with all this? Let's just start with something simple. Send an xPL message to xPL HALi to change a flag using the command line sender. From the command shell type (all on one line with a space after 'home' and before 'control'):

xplsend xpl-cmnd doghouse-hali.home control.basic device=testflag\ntype=flag\ncurrent=1

This issues an xPL command to application doghouse-hali.home (where home is the default name in the XML file mentioned above). The command is a control.basic type that sets the flag named 'testflag' to 1 or TRUE. You can try out the other commands that xPL HALi supports by following the command guide in the previous post. Have fun.

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