Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick Update to xPL HALi

I've added a couple new features, updated the example vbs script and updated the app to 0.3.1. Download link stays the same as in the previous post as I'm too lazy to update it.

I added a couple features for scripting: upon startup, the subroutine "Init" from your script file will execute. On shutdown of the app, the sub "Cleanup" will run. If you do a script reload, "Cleanup" will run followed by "Init".

The script.vbs file now has examples of Init and Cleanup. It shows how you can create a VR phrase in your script and has sample code showing how to handle the response to those phrases.

Another cool feature of the scripting engine is the ability to integrate all sorts of ActiveX objects. In the script.vbs sample, I've included commented out code to update an Excel spreadsheet every time a flag changes.

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