Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Version of xPL HALi Coming

I've been working on changes to xPL HALi to make it more than just an xPL-HALi bridge. It will now read in a configuration file that specifies VR phrases and associates a number of xPL commands with that phrase. This will give you have the ability to directly issue xPL commands from VR.

A sample line in the config file will be a comma separated list:

turn off bass amp,i have turned off the bass amp,xpl-cmnd,doghouse-scu.xyz,x10.basic,device=BassAmp,command=off

In response to the phrase "turn off bass amp", xPL HALi will issue an xpl-cmnd of schema x10.basic to app doghouse-scu.xyz tellin it turn off the BassAmp. HAL will confirm the phrase by saying "i have turned off the bass amp" via TTS.

Look for it to drop in the next few days after I've had some time to test it.

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