Sunday, February 24, 2008

xPL HALi 0.3 Released

I have released the latest version of xPL HALi. It features full scripting support for VBScript, JScript, Python and Perl. I have moved 99% of my logic out of HAL (which wasn't a lot to begin with) into the scripting engine. Code executes faster, is easier to edit and is a lot more flexible. There are previous posts in my blog with more information on the app (xPL and VR features).

In the zip file you'll find a directory called 'samples' that contains sample scripts in all 4 languages. In the main directory is 'script.vbs' that is a more thorough example and shows all the events of HALi that I have chosen to expose to the scripting engine. Note also, the call to print a message to the lower debug screen, which may be helpful debugging scripts. Since I use very few aspects of HAL, a majority of the events are not tested so good luck with those.

The lower debug screen will also print out standard error messages related to scripting either at load or runtime. If you have a script problem, you can edit it and click the reload button to re-initialize the scripting engine. No need to restart the app.

To run this app, you'll need .NET 2 and .NET 3.5 and obviously a version of HAL that supports HALi.

updated link to point to 0.3.5 version

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