Monday, February 11, 2008


Here's another video I made. It shows how we use TeamSpeak voice chat software from remote PCs to talk to HAL.

The video shows an RDP session to the HA server on the left of the screen and on the right is the TS client running on a laptop. In the RDP client, you'll see the HAL monitor, the xPL HALi app I wrote, starCOMUltra and our web based GUI. HAL, named Sara since the wife likes the show Eureka, responds to her name spoken into the laptop microphone. The TS client blinks as it hears me. The HAL monitor shows the name was recognized and enters listening mode. xPL HALi sends an xPL control.basic message with the listening status. xAP Floorplan (via its xPL bridge) sees the message and sends message.display to all OSD devices (in this case xAP Intranet Launcher) informing them that the system is listening. This is necessary since HAL's audio is not routed back through TS to the laptop and we may not be within earshot of HAL. A couple commands are spoken to turn on & off the kitchen light. You can hear the click of the switch as it toggles, see the commands being issued by starCOMUltra and see the kitchen light go on & off in the GUI.

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