Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dusting off xPLHALi

It's been a while since I worked on xPLHALi. I made just a small change to it, making the xPL portion of the script engine more generic - meaning it can see all xPL messages (other than config and heartbeats) - so there's no need for an external scripting engine. It's more a feature for other users since I already have my xPL/xAP scripting engine. I plan on adding an option to disable this feature if desired. I may add support for xAP messages to the scripting engine and am thinking about a bridge to connect 2 instances of HAL over xPL.

I've finished up the config stuff for xPLAudreyTTS. I have a dropdown box to choose the default voice. I just need to create instructions and zip everything together. The rest of the config will be from a text file. It's a simple interface:

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