Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Emailing Nokia (Lack of) Support

I've sent a couple emails to Nokia support to find out what other options I have regarding my dead 770. I contacted them on the May 15th and they responded on the 15th. I also emailed them on the May 21st and we exchanged 6 emails all within hours of each other. I sent an email May 29th and they have yet to reply, so I emailed again 6 hours ago and I'm still waiting. My thread must have been flagged for ignoring. That way they can keep claiming Nokia is unaware of this white screen of death problem. I suppose if they admitted it, they would be open to class action lawsuit. If people are suing over returning crap to Fry's, this certainly would merit legal action.

On a positive note, I purchased the 770s with my American Express card so my manufacturer warranty is doubled to two years. Although, I think I'd prefer to have Nokia refund my money so I can get some Atom based UMPCs later this year.

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