Thursday, June 19, 2008

UPB Integration

I finally got around to working on integrating UPB with our system. I picked up an HAI Serial UPB PIM and started building support for it into starCOMUltra using its serial port feature. I wrote a lot of miscellaneous functions in the sCU hosted script in order to create the UPB packets. I had to build a couple more tasks to take care of mapping devices to their proper control tasks since we will be running a mixed UPB and X10 environment. There's still further integration needed, such as using the device names as defined in WinEVM, but designating which are UPB. This will make it easy to keep the ASP pages working without too many changes. Then I need to pull in the data from the UPStart file to map the device names to UPB address. So much to do and so many other projects going...

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